Does Your Roof Need Repair or Replacement?

Does Your Roof Need Repair or Replacement?


If your roof is showing signs of wear and tear, it may be time to consider repairing or replacing it. There are a few things to consider when deciding whether to repair or replace your roof, including the age of the roof, the extent of the damage, and the cost of repairs versus replacement. Roofing services can help you assess the condition of your roof and determine if repair or replacement is necessary. They can also provide advice on materials and installation options that will best suit your needs. With their expertise in roof installation, they can ensure that you get a quality job done at an affordable price.

Levite Seattle Construction Complete Roofing Installation and Repair ServiceLevite Seattle Construction Complete Roofing Installation and Repair Service
Levite Seattle Construction Complete Roofing Installation and Repair ServiceLevite Seattle Construction Complete Roofing Installation and Repair Service

Start with some minor roof damage that would require repair.


Typical roof repair issues


1. Lack of shingles

Small portions of your roofing that have lost shingles can be easily repaired. Replace missing shingles as soon as possible because waiting too long may result in major roof leaks that completely destroy the roofing material and necessitate the purchase of a new installation.

2. Defective flashing

Another simple roof repair scenario that a contractor can handle is this one. To prevent flooding issues, damaged flashing needs to be repaired or entirely replaced.

3. Minimal gutter damage

Throughout the life of the roof, roof gutters will need to be replaced multiple times. An expert roofing contractor can perform the simple fix of gutter replacement.

When should you spend money on a new roof?

It might be time to invest in roofing if the damage to your roof exceeds what is regarded as modest.

Typical indications that your roof requires replacement include:
  • Curling roof shingles
  • Shingles that are granule-shedding
  • Roofing that is out-of-date and damaged (has passed or is approaching the recommended service life)
  • Significant weather related harm, such as hail damage that seriously compromised the structural integrity of your roof
  • If you’re consistently spending too much money correcting roofing issues that don’t seem to get better

There are several causes of major roof damage and we’ll go over a few of them below:


The outside materials of your home are continually subject to deterioration. Your roof will eventually give way as it gets close to the end of its recommended service life. For instance, organic asphalt shingles for roofing have a recommended lifespan of up to 20 years. Slate and clay tiles, for example, can last for 100 years. If they are not properly maintained over the years, they might not live up to this expectation. So take into account the age of your current roof before making an investment in new roofing. Roofs that have reached the end of their useful lives frequently have issues like curling, missing shingles, and roof leaks.

A really bad weather situation

Roof damage is frequently caused by harsh weather. High odds exist that you’ll need to think about a replacement if your roof was exposed to significant damage as a result of a natural disaster like hailstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, or wildfires. Even on a freshly installed roof, this extreme weather can pull off the shingles, harm the gutters, and result in significant leaks.

Ice Dams
This happens frequently in the winter. Ice dams are created when snow and ice accumulate at the roof’s shingle edges and underneath the shingles. When the ice eventually melts, water can readily pass through the roof’s layers and do serious damage.

Moss Development

Moss may start to grow beneath the roof shingles if your property was constructed in a shaded, dim, or wet environment. On roofing materials, moss poses a risk because it traps moisture beneath the shingles, causing them to deteriorate. This type of damage can compel you to replace the entire roof even if some roofing shingles are coated to avoid it.

Poorly Maintained

For a roof to last its whole lifespan, routine care is essential. It is generally advised to perform maintenance at least once each year. For properties constructed in regions with extreme weather, some roofing may need more frequent maintenance.

Is a new roof eventually less expansive?

When only a small portion of the roof is exhibiting difficulties, it is occasionally wise to think about replacing the complete roof. It will probably be less expensive than dealing with one problem now and the rest in a few years. The weather in your area is one of many factors to take into account, and it’s also one of the most crucial ones. Patching a small area won’t help you if your house is vulnerable to bad weather. Re-roofing with a more cost-effective material would be a possibility. This implies that you wouldn’t have to spend money resolving the same roofing problem every year. The purpose of re-roofing is to make an investment in better-quality materials that will cost less to maintain over time.


Levite Seattle Construction Complete Roofing Installation and Repair Service

What to anticipate

Finding the ideal contractor is a crucial first step when deciding to replace your roof.

When selecting a roofing replacement professional, consider the following inquiries:

  • Is the price of removing your existing roof already included in the estimate?
  • What kind of roofing material will they advise, and why?
  • Are there certain goods, such as flashing, that they can reuse, and why?
  • How will you safeguard existing structures, such gutters, when installing them?
  • Are you authorized and covered by insurance?
  • What types of roof warranties do you provide?
  • Do you employ subcontractors?

Prior to having a firm understanding of what is covered and the quality of the service, don’t hurry to pick the lowest bidder. Roof replacements are complicated, so having a reliable contractor on your team is crucial. The last thing you want is to hire dishonest roofers and end up paying twice as much as was estimated. Read testimonials from homeowners that had similar roofing problems to yours and used their services. You can feel more at ease knowing that you picked the best professionals.

At Levite Construction Co. Our experienced roofing contractors will give you an honest and professional decision to make as to the condition of your roof. If you agree to have the roof of your Seattle home repaired, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing we will provide you with a new roof of high quality and long-lasting.

If you notice signs that you need a new roof, contact the roofing experts at Levite Construction Co.

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