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Levite Construction provides custom photo-realistic 3D renderings of Seattle homes, villas, apartment complexes, condos, and townhomes. Our Seattle 3D Renderings are cost-effective, and we have quick turn-around times.

See your dream home come to life.

Our work is marked by impeccable quality and lower prices. With high attention to detail and short turnaround times, we are dedicated to making sure you get exactly what you want. To ensure smooth sailing and to assist you with any special requests, we give you a dedicated project manager. Check out our gallery if you’re looking for some inspiration. There’s sure to be something that catches your attention.

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Our experts will bring the cutting-edge ideas and vision of our client to life.

3D Rendering Consultation

We will help you assess and provide support for your 3D Rendering of your home improvement project.

Designs, Plans & Permits

We have proudly provided qualified photorealistic 3D renderings to designers, architects, developers, builders, and homeowners.

3D Rendering

It is our ultimate goal to help you minimize your timing and money costs with the best quality and efficient 3D rendering service.

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Why Choose Levite Construction 3D Rendering Services?

Free Consultation

Our in-person consolation and presentations are always free. A well-informed client is able to make better decisions.

No Obligations

All projects start with a free consultation that does not obligate you to any further actions making it a stress-free experience.

3D Renderings

We will design and create your floor plan in 3D to visualize your project and help you find design and decorating ideas.

Licensed and Bonded

Licensed and bonded for your protection. We guarantee the job to be completed in a timely and safe manner.

Transparent Pricing

The price we give is the price we charge. There are no hidden fees and everything is disclosed in contract.


All projects start with a free consultation that does not obligate you to any further actions making it a stress-free experience.

3D visualization process

We follow the following steps to achieve high-quality 3D visualization:

Project information. To draw up a budget as tight as possible, we need some information about the project, drawings, sketches, 3D models, number of desired images, delivery time, etc. It is not necessary that the project is well defined and completed for making an offer.

3D Model. Most of the firms have their 3D models. Providing this model can reduce time and cost but it is necessary to adjust it for us. If you have your 3d models, please send them to us and we will carry out the necessary checks to see if they are useful.

Start of the project. Once accepted the quotation, and after payment of the retainer fee, we proceed to start the project. Throughout the modeling process, images of the progress will be sent to confirm that everything is correct. All process images will always contain watermarks, which will only be removed in the final stage and after the final payment.

Point of perspective. Once it is confirmed that the model is correct, the viewpoints will be fixed with the client. For this phase, we will generate a large number of low-resolution images, this way the client can choose which points of view fit better to his needs.

Lighting and materials. Once the points of view are approved, we will move forward with the finishing of the materials, lighting, and creating the perfect atmosphere for the pictures.

Previews. We continue to create the rendering of the images in low resolution using materials and lighting. We understand that renders are a fast way to make comparisons, so previews are included in the process so that feedback can be made by the client.

Final rendering. Once approved of the previous 3D visualization we proceed to the image rendering in high resolution and some post-production adjustments. The images will be submitted to the customers so they can approve or comment on them.

Delivery and Invoice. We submit the final images in high resolution and without watermarks until the final image has been approved and the final payment has been made.

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3D Rendering Project in Seattle

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