How to design your kitchen: Common Mistakes To Avoid

How to design your kitchen: Common Mistakes To Avoid


Kitchen Remodeling in Sammamish
Kitchen Remodeling in Sammamish

When you design a kitchen, you develop the skills of a kitchen designer and become aware of the amount of work that goes into preparation. When thinking about food preparation and the social aspects of a kitchen, you must take the look and feel of the room into consideration. After all, gatherings in your home usually take place in the kitchen. Planning meticulously is the only way to ensure that this area serves both your functional and aesthetic needs.

The most common mistakes that turn your kitchen design upside down are covered in this post. When you choose to design your new kitchen, you can use it as a reference. Don’t be too stubborn to believe you would never follow these guidelines because they are simple to forget and easy to avoid in this kitchen. It’s simpler than you would imagine. To find out more about what to avoid while designing your kitchen, keep reading.


Crowding the Kitchen Area

One of the simplest ways to make yourself miserable while planning your kitchen is to have a small kitchen. For the majority of people, a pleasant kitchen is a key component of kitchen design. The lack of room can be disastrous if your kitchen also serves as a main corridor. No matter how wonderful your kitchen is, it will feel like a nightmare if you can’t open the fridge, cupboards, or kitchen drawers.

Create a space of approximately four feet between your countertops if you want to give your kitchen plenty of room. In your kitchen, you must make an area for traffic. Around three feet will do in a tiny kitchen, but the more room you can create, the better.

Disregarding Your Workflow

Setting up the workflow in your kitchen is essential. Your kitchen won’t function properly and will be inefficient without one. Consider your food preparation process when designing your workflow. It goes beyond just your cooking style. It also pertains to how you prepare and clean.

You must carefully analyze each station in your kitchen in order to prevent any potential problems with the operation. Meal preparation should be done in stages that flow into one another.

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Not Taking Appliance Size Into Account

You can be sure that there will be spatial problems in your freshly constructed kitchen if you don’t take the sizes of your appliances into consideration. Lack of consideration for equipment size frequently results in small preparation areas and constrained kitchen circulation. You also can’t afford to measure your appliances without taking into account the little appliances. They will disrupt the flow and continuity of your new kitchen without a designated spot.

Choose your appliances in advance and double-check their dimensions to avoid this frequent blunder. Before settling on a budget, you must ensure that your kitchen has enough space to fit all of your appliances. Despite the fact that appliances are essential parts of the layout, your kitchen’s layout can make or break your design.

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Poor placement of the lighting

Loss of productivity while preparing food, cooking, and cleaning up will surely occur if the wrong lighting is used over counters. Carrot cutting in the shadow is the last thing you should be doing. Putting emphasis on aesthetics rather than functionality is another typical lighting error. Of course, everyone enjoys the atmosphere that lovely lighting produces. However, when this takes precedence above functionality, you open yourself up to a host of problems in the future.

Place your lights slightly in front of you rather than straight overhead or behind you to avoid this common problem. You can avoid shadows by installing lights that shine toward you rather than directly at, above, or behind you. A great technique to get ideal lighting management is to install lights with adjustable characteristics.

Putting aesthetics before function

Everyone wants their kitchen to be the talk of the neighborhood; few things can dazzle more than a trendy, new kitchen. We all want to be the center of attention. There is nothing wrong with wanting pleasant, attractive things while decorating your kitchen, so by all means, take aesthetics into consideration. However, don’t overlook the kitchen’s primary function as a dining area and social gathering spot for visitors.

Plan ahead when designing your kitchen to avoid this frequent mistake. Before looking for cabinetry, decide on your appliances. And arrange your units around your appliances rather than the other way around. By doing this, you’ll have a seamless appearance that is stylish and room-saving. Another suggestion is to think about how many people will be using the kitchen simultaneously in your house. If you anticipate crowding, avoid packing heavy appliances and opt for a simple design.

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Insufficient room between the stove and the sink

The primary area for food preparation is the space between the sink and the stove. You must therefore figure out where you intend to put everything. You must make sure the layout accommodates the regular activities in your space and leave enough room for your countertops.

Drawers and doors in cabinets are positioned incorrectly

Before committing to a layout, it is essential to account for the fact that cabinet doors and drawers might obstruct doorways and paths when opened. Consider the placement of every component in your kitchen, including the cabinets and drawers. You should try your best to make this space as easy to move around as possible for the people who will be using it.

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Insufficient use of vertical wall space

Every square inch will count in a small kitchen. You may store a lot of things on your walls. In small kitchens, raising your cabinets to the ceiling will increase storage space. You may always mix and match shelving to meet your needs if you don’t like the idea of having rows of closed-door cabinets. The minimum clearance guidelines, which range from two to three feet for electric and gas cooktops, apply if your wall cabinets are placed over a cooktop.

Conclusion: Common Errors to Avoid When Designing Your Kitchen

The process of designing your kitchen ought to be enjoyable and stress-free. But making mistakes along the way can be quite uncomfortable. Everyone wants the kitchen of their dreams, but utility should never be compromised for beauty. This will result in disappointment and the perception that your time and money were wasted. The kitchen of your dreams is well within your grasp, but to make it a reality, you must make sure you stay away from these typical blunders.


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