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Picking a New Garage Door


If you are picking a new garage door, you still have a lot of things to consider. Since a garage door is expected to last between 15 and 30 years, you have to find the door that fits your needs. The style of the door and whether or not you want your garage door to be insulated are two important things to consider when buying a new garage door. Here’s more detail about those two areas.

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Style Of Garage Door

  • Contemporary: Contemporary garage doors bring a stylish look to your home. Those doors usually come in neutral colors and clean lines.
  • Garage doors in carriage houses: carriage house garage doors also have decorative woodwork such as crisscross-like planking, large handles, and decorative windows. Such doors are rustic in a style that can enhance a home’s entire look.
  • Traditional Garage Doors: Traditional garage doors, usually 4 panels long and 4 sections high, are classic doors. If you want your home to look clean, you may want a conventional garage door.
  • Stamped Carriage House Garage Door: On this door, you get to choose the design that is stamped on your door. There are a wide variety of options, so you can choose the one that fits your home.

Insulated Vs. Non-Insulated

  • Insulated: An insulated garage door is designed to control your garage temperature. By doing so, it’ll be easier to maintain all of your home’s temperatures, saving you money on energy bills. Such doors are also stronger, which means they protect against the everyday activities that trigger dents.
  • Non-Insulated: Non-insulated garage doors are just normal garage doors, meaning they won’t protect against hot or cold temperatures. These doors are usually cheaper than insulated garage doors but don’t offer the advantages of an insulated garage door.

Take these options into consideration when you’re buying a new garage door. As well as picking the best style, make sure to find a garage door company that you can trust.

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