Major design trends for bathrooms in 2023

Major design trends for bathrooms in 2023

Modern realities imply that the bathroom should be both aesthetically pleasing and well-equipped. The bathroom of the future is a place to unwind, indulge in your preferred water therapies, and pamper yourself. Today, it is not common to treat bathrooms in a merely practical approach; instead, designers, architects, and even psychotherapists advise viewing them as the perfect spot for mental and physical relaxation.

Some people might be surprised to learn that design trends for bathrooms change more frequently than those for living rooms and kitchens. Finding the most innovative and surprising solutions for such seemingly modest-sized rooms is made possible by the wide range of materials available and the creativity of interior designers. Those who follow interior design trends closely should get more knowledgeable about the bathroom design trends and finishes for 2023.

Modern bathroom design revolves around a primary idea that emphasizes calm naturalness and tranquility. Both occupants of large country homes and residents of megalopolises, where air and light are frequently insufficient, are increasingly expressing a yearning for a closer connection to nature. It is advised to focus on the following strategies for individuals who want to bring light, peace, and natural freshness into their interior:

  • A serene, nearly neutral color scheme enables you to completely unwind your vision. Trendy interiors continue to be dominated by traditional tones of beige, brown, gray, soft green, and subdued white, and bathrooms are no exception.
  • Textures that are most organic. The natural stone, marble, polished terracotta, onyx, and majolica made of natural clay replaced the dazzling brilliance of the tiles with a subtle but palpable beauty. Such textures’ allure is slowly unveiled, yet it captivates swiftly enough.
  • Far more transparency and brightness. Designers frequently contest the existence of large structures in bathrooms. Elegant showers are taking their place, and those with the means add glass barriers, walls, and even ceilings.
  • Enjoy being in an area with green flora. Without plants, a bathroom cannot be considered modern. The more of them there are, the more up to date your interior design is. Most crucial, select plants that enjoy wetness and shade as they will thrive in this habitat.

Geometric shapes in bathroom design 2023

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Classical and baroque patterns are retroactively sent to the past by designers. Following are intricate figures and asymmetries. Extremely distinct geometric shapes become more prominent, giving the interior a palpable rhythm and mesmerizing with perfect harmony. The following design solutions produce a comparable result:

  • Precise and laconic tile decoration, frequently abstract;
  • The tile’s accurate and angular shape, whilst the rectangle has emerged as a clear preference;

The purchase of rounded washbasins, pricey curved vanities, and eccentric bookcases may all wait till better times. The fact is that, despite the designers’ covert declarations to the contrary, concision has finally taken hold in contemporary bathrooms, dominating not only modest but also grand areas..

  • The shower’s interior design. Today, avoiding pretentiousness and excessive exclusivity is simple: all that is needed to establish the equilibrium that is so crucial today is a rectangular pallet, a straight pull-out barrier, and a ventilation grill of the same form.
  • Accessories and furniture. Laconic consoles, tall rectangular cabinets, and mirrors without pretentious frames all require little effort to arrange a space harmoniously.

Functional bathroom design for 2023

Today’s advances in science and technology are so deeply ingrained in the world of design that it is challenging to create useful interior solutions without them. Today’s market is flooded with technological advancements that will make bathrooms even more practical and convenient in 2023. They include:

  • Clever mixers. The best options, especially for families with kids, are those with touch buttons and a spout with LED lights that changes color based on the water temperature. Now you may use the water without worrying about getting burned or becoming cold.
  • Backlight with sensors for motion. This is a terrific solution for owners of a combined bathroom and people who wish to feel confident when they need to visit the restroom at night. Additional energy-efficient lights produce a gentle, diffused light that is soothing to the eyes and adequate for secure mobility.
  • Glass with electrochromic. More natural light enters the bathroom through glass barriers and large floor to ceiling windows. The privacy side of this coin is present as well, though. Special glass provides a solution by turning frosted and concealing everything from inquisitive eyes with the flick of a switch.
  • Heated cupboards. a creative way to maintain order in your space. The towels folded in such a cabinet will dry on their own, so there is no longer a need to disturb the harmony with the bathroom accessories hanging on the heated towel rail.
  • Electronic controls for showers. You can vary the type of jet, the temperature and force of the water pressure, and even the lighting in the shower area with these panels and controls.

These, however, are far from the only technological advancements available for the restroom. Mobile applications for controlling plumbing fixtures, touch-sensitive soap dispensers, mirrors with built-in TVs, automatic flush toilets, and toilets with built-in air fresheners and heated seats should also be of interest to gadget aficionados.

Bathroom ergonomics in 2023

Designers have committed to conduct a decisive campaign against bathroom clutter by the year 2023. No carelessness, mess, or extraneous items “for beauty.” The following furniture and accessories are used to create the perfect bathroom of today, which shines with the cleanliness and attentiveness of every piece:

  • Closed storage units and cabinets;
  • Unique rails and racks;
  • Appropriately chosen cosmetics and care product storage system.

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This does not imply, however, that your bathroom should be hidden. You may still add exclusivity to the interior by decorating a room, therefore you should never ignore it. But it’s critical to keep things in perspective. Naturally, figurines, candles, vases, and posters should not be placed in every available spot. Still, a couple of chic, well-chosen items will transform the bathroom into something out of a glossy magazine.

Bathroom colors 2023

Although the bathroom color scheme for 2023 is not as varied as it may be, the most beautiful combinations are still achievable within its constraints. Consequently, pay attention to the following hues and tones:


  • white – clean, fresh and always up-to-date.
  • blue and green – pastel or rich, creating a feeling of cleanliness, freshness and a pleasant sea breeze;
  • earthy and coffee – like for undoubtedly elegant interiors;
  • beige and peach – tones that combine warmth, light and visual space;
  • gray – cool, soothing and neutral;

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Bathroom design 2023: lighting

By 2023, spot and spot lighting will take priority over chandeliers and other huge ceiling lights. The following lighting is assumed for bathroom design in 2023:

  • spotlights placed in specific locations;
  • LED lighting for the bathroom’s ceiling, floor, and space above the mirrors;
  • simple wall lamps for the interior.

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Bathroom Flooring 2023

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  • Vinyl tiles with quartz. The moisture-resistant PVC coating will delight you with its environmental friendliness and combines the benefits of laminate flooring and linoleum.
  • Terrazzo. The most fashionable interiors are now recognized by their use of the renowned Venetian design on their tiles.
  • Cork flooring. beautiful and all-natural eco-style bathroom floor.
  • Pebbles.  It’s pretty original solution that will appeal to people who enjoy the uncommon.  Pebbles are typically recommended for finishing shower areas because it is not good idea to utilize them for the full floor space.
  • Natural wood. A rare exclusive option for bathroom flooring and special elements are required – with a moisture-resistant impregnation or coating.

Tiles in Bathroom Design 2023

Two Bathroom Remodeling in Queen AnneTwo Bathroom Remodeling in Queen Anne

Tiles and porcelain stoneware continue to be the best options for bathroom floors and walls despite the astonishing range of materials available. These days, businesses create hundreds or even thousands of different tile sets with different textures, patterns, and colors. However, the trends of 2023 are brutal and strictly weed out what will be in style. You should pay particular attention to the following tile alternatives when choosing a flooring material:

  • imitation of black marble, a classy and opulent substance that is also simple to maintain and austere, respectable, and polished;
  • 3D-effect tiles that produce volumetric geometric patterns with a sensation of movement without using colorful accents;
  • porcelain stoneware and wood-effect tiles, primarily in old style with scuffs, cracks, and the appearance of rough or brushed processing;
  • preferably huge, tropical, and in dark or neutral colors, with a flowery pattern;
  • replica of polished and rusted metal – perfect for high-tech, minimalist, urban and industrial bathrooms;
  • The room can nevertheless benefit greatly from the correct rhythm and geometric clarity provided by mosaic.

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