Garage Conversions and Renovation Services

Our highly-skilled and professional team will direct you through every phase of your garage conversion schedule, design, and construction. Levite Construction has the equipment and construction experience to provide our homeowners with personalized attention and fair pricing. We can remodel your garage or even do a complete garage renovation to fit your needs at a price that is affordable and professional that you can enjoy for years to come.

With your conversion project, the most important thing is that
you’ve been happy with the results for many years, right? Wouldn’t you value using professionals in Bellevue who have extensive experience with every aspect of your construction project when constructing a new room from a converted garage?

You should not only choose a knowledgeable professional but who can interact clearly and with respect for your time and resources. When you choose our professionals to build your garage, you will feel the interest and confidence of our experts when you talk with your project manager about your goals and questions. Seeing the project done so smoothly and beautiful can be very exciting for you.

Levite Construction - Garage Conversion

We then schedule a in-home consultation to review the project, get your needs and design preferences for your remodel, Review your budget restraints to the scope you have in mind.

Not all projects are created equally. We can create a scope of work for your project and provide an estimate in order to make your dream remodel a reality.

Now that we have agreed to a scope of work.    

It’s time for the fun part. You will meet with our team of designers to help make your dream remodel a HGTV moment. 

Our team will collect everything we need to complete your project. We will schedule an on-site pre-construction walk through, one week prior start of work. This is to establish clear lines of communication to ensure the project is executed efficiently and effectively.

Bellevue Garage Conversion Specialists

Garage Door Opener Installations

We are a Bellevue based Automatic Door Opener Installment Company. When we install a Garage Door Operator in your home you will know it was done by industry experts. We take extreme care of every aspect of the installation, from the hanging of the motor down to the completely new wiring of the push button and safety sensors tacked to perfection.

Garage Door Installation Services

If you’re looking to have a residential garage door installation there is always a need to make sure you hire the right company, when you contact Levite Construction for a garage door installation not only will you get a certified licensed team of experts you will also be guaranteed an affordable price.

Garage Door Repair and Maintenance Company

With Levite Construction, we provide our customers with the highest quality parts when we repair your overhead door. Our Technicians are very responsive and reliable. We keep our trucks heavily stocked with every size spring and parts possible. Here you will find all you need for Garage Door Repair and Overhead Replacement Parts.

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