5 of the best stone flooring types

5 of the best stone flooring types

Natural stones are a noble and elegant choice for any home due to their strength and longevity. All homes can benefit from the greatest forms of stone flooring, which can also increase the value and opulence of your room.

Whether you live in a contemporary or modern house, several varieties of stone flooring will look great in most spaces. Stone flooring has a huge range of design possibilities, from the lightest marble to the darkest slate. Stone flooring is also quite hardy.

Stone flooring are frequently thought to increase a property’s worth; yet, once installed, you won’t want to change them for years.

1. Granite

Granite comes in a huge selection of colors and finishes. They come in a variety of hues, from blue and purple to grey and olive green, and frequently include rusty red markings. Due to its adaptability to the majority of home aesthetics, it has proven to be a versatile option. It will function admirably in high traffic places like a hallway or kitchen because it is highly durable.

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2. Slate

In terms of natural stone flooring, slate is a more economical option. You just need to be cautious of any acidic spills and it works excellent in moist places like bathrooms and the kitchen. It can be found in a wide range of finishes, giving your house a distinctive appearance.

Slate natural stone floorings
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3. Marble

Your space will always be more valuable and upscale with marble floors. Similar to granite, it comes in a variety of tones, from different greys to green and black.

In areas with less foot traffic, such as restrooms or even a kitchen if you don’t use it frequently, marble flooring are always a superior option.

Marble floors
Photo: Surrey Showroom

4. Limestone

Limestone is a fantastic material choice for a rustic appearance. obtainable in a variety of shades, including virtually white, warm honey, uncommon grey, and dark brown. Even-grained stones have one texture, whereas smoother marble-like forms have another. It works incredibly well as a bathroom choice or for an outdoor project because it is resistant to mold and bacteria.

Photo: Surrey Showroom

5. Travertine

Elegant and full of personality, travertine is a material. Travertine is one of the toughest stones for bathrooms and showers when properly fitted. It is a great option because it is both long-lasting and slip-resistant for outdoor spaces or areas near swimming pools.

Travertine is an elegant, and character-filled material.
Photo by: Klinker Stone

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